All Saints Elementary collecting bags of clothing for America Recycles Day.

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Izzy & Maya Howlett ready to donate clothing!

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Members of a local church in Rochester taking part in a clothing drive on a rainy day

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St. Pauly Textile Inc.


St. Pauly Textile Inc. is a Western NY based, family owned for-profit company and an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to get USEABLE clothing to people and organizations that can use it, here in the U.S. and in developing countries.
Look for the
Clothing Drop-Off Shed!


In the 25 years that St. Pauly Textile Inc. has existed we have developed relationships with over 1100 community organizations in the North East and now the West Coast to collect clothing in a uniquely clean and community-friendly way.



In 2021, we were able to ship out more than 81.3 million garments which clothed an estimated 9.86 million people world-wide. St. Pauly Textile Inc. collects useable clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, linens, blankets and drapes and distributes them in the US and all over the world.



Clothing Drop-Off

St. Pauly Clothing Donation Shed